UNDP: Peru significantly reduced deprivations



11:05 | London (UK), Jul. 12.

Peru —alongside Ethiopia and India— significantly reduced deprivations, according to the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2019 "Illuminating Inequalities" Report.

The Global MPI scrutinizes a person's deprivations across 10 indicators in health, education, and standard of living. Likewise, it offers a high-resolution lens to identify both who is poor and how they are poor. 

The indicators include nutrition, child mortality, years of schooling, school attendance, cooking fuel, sanitation, drinking water, electricity, housing, and assets.

In this sense, "Peru developed clean energy, electricity, housing, and assets," the report underlines.

MPI reduction

The fastest absolute reductions in MPI value were in India, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, followed by Ethiopia and Haiti. 

Within this framework, "Peru joined Cambodia in experiencing the largest reduction relative to its starting MPI (7.1% a year)."

The analyzed countries' combined population is about 2 billion people. They cover every developing region and span three income categories: upper middle (Peru), lower middle (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Viet Nam), as well as low (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, and Haiti). 

On the other hand, OPHI Chairwoman Sabina Alkire stated that 12.7% of Peruvians suffer from multidimensional poverty, while 12.5% are vulnerable to it, according to the latest information available from 2012. 

Child poverty

Children are poorer than adults in all 10 countries.

However, child poverty fell markedly faster than adult poverty in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti, India, and Peru.

Nonetheless, minors fell further behind in Ethiopia, and their progress —together with that of adults— stalled in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pakistan.

Rural poverty 

"In Cambodia, Haiti, India, and Peru, poverty reduction in rural areas outpaced that in urban areas —demonstrating pro-poor development— (…)," the report indicates. 

Concerning the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 10, only Peru and Viet Nam exhibited equalizing growth to some extent. 

"Of eight selected countries with data, only Peru and Viet Nam saw higher growth in income or consumption per capita among the poorest 40% than among the total population," the report reads. 


Publicado: 12/7/2019