The Economist: Peru's Vizcarra one of four LatAm presidents with approval rating above 50%

17:18 | Lima, Dec. 6.

The British newspaper The Economist has said that Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra is one of only four Latin American leaders with an approval rating above 50%.

The renowned weekly magazine states that more presidents should follow the example of Martin Vizcarra, who has managed to duck unpopular decisions and dissolve an obstructive congress during his 20 months in office.

"More presidents may imitate Martin Vizcarra in Peru. In 20 months in office, he has ducked unpopular decisions, such as approving a big mine. Riding an anti-politician wave of anger, he shut down an obstructive congress," the publication reads.

"Along with Mr. Lopez Obrador, he is one of only four Latin American presidents with an approval rating of over 50%," it added.

Titled "The street challenges Latin America's politicians," the story provides an overview of the social unrest that has been shaking Latin America, mainly countries like Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti, and most recently Colombia.

In addition, the publication mentions some of the causes of such demonstrations, like increases in metro fares in Chile, fuel prices in Haiti and Ecuador, as well as electoral fraud in Bolivia.


Publicado: 6/12/2019