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Rain emergency in Peru: Ancash receives 2.3 tons of humanitarian aid for victims

Photo: ANDINA/National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) of Peru

13:54 | Chimbote (Ancash region), Mar. 16.

A new shipment of 2.3 tons of humanitarian aid was sent by the Ministry of Defense (Mindef), through the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci), to the region of Ancash in order to respond to the emergency caused by heavy rains.

The shipment arrived at the Chimbote Airport on an aircraft operated by the Peruvian Army.

The regional vice-governor, Angelly Epifania Chavez, was present in the unloading of cargo, which will be distributed to the emergency areas.

"We have come to verify the shipment of humanitarian aid that is arriving for the victims and those affected by rains. We appreciate the Central Government's quick response," Epifania remarked.

This is the third shipment that has arrived from Lima to Chimbote provided by the Indeci's Rapid Response Group for Emergencies and Disasters (Gired).

Additional blankets, folding beds, tents, mats, and non-perishable food have been dispatched for the affected families, who lost everything due to the landslides caused by heavy rains associated with Cyclone Yaku.


Publicado: 16/3/2023