President Sagasti: We reach Bicentennial with diversity to build Peruvian identity

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

19:20 | Lima, Jul. 24.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Saturday affirmed that Peru reaches the Independence Bicentennial with a diversity that allows citizens to build a Peruvian identity —an outcome of the variety of cultures throughout our history.

During the opening ceremony of the National Museum of Peru (Muna), the Head of State stressed that in a few days our nation will celebrate 200 years of independent life.

"Our history goes back thousands of years, as all the exhibits to be displayed over the next years in this wonderful place will prove," he added.

The top official stressed that —when a person looks back and sees everything that was done in Peru— an extraordinary display of ingenuity and creativity is observed, not only of an artistic manner, but also to face a rugged and difficult territory.

"And when you look at the technologies, ancestral knowledge, and worldviews that were held in those ancient times, you can appreciate the enormous wealth that our past has," the statesman highlighted.

"Unfortunately, many are not aware of the fact that the whole country can be much greater than the sum of its diversities," he added.


Publicado: 24/7/2021