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Peruvian ophthalmologist gets international prize for research on corneal diseases

16:58 | Lima, Dec. 12.

Peruvian ophthalmologist Maria Alejandra Henriquez received the 2021 Troutman Cornea Prize for Young Clinician Investigators for her research work based on the corneal cross-linking procedure in pediatric patients suffering from keratoconus.

The prize identified Dr. Henriquez as the main author of this research work, which competed with more than 100 works from all over the world and stood out for its innovative content.

This work —co-authored by Dr. Gustavo Hernandez-Sahagun, Dr. Jorge Camargo, and Dr. Luis Izquierdo— represents one of the most important in ophthalmology.

Henriquez explained that these works are presented mainly at national and international conferences and, depending on the magnitude of the discovery, they are published in journals of high international impact in different languages.

In this case, the winning research work was issued and published in the Journal of Cornea.

About the Prize 

Dr. Richard Troutman, one of the founders of the Castroviejo Cornea Society and its second president, graciously established the Troutman Cornea Prize. 

The award is bestowed annually by the Society for the paper published in Cornea during the previous year judged to be most outstanding and innovative, and authored by an investigator 40 years of age or younger. 

The recipient will receive an award of US$5,000 and the opportunity to present her work at the annual scientific meeting of the Cornea Society just prior to the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting.


Publicado: 12/12/2021