Peruvian Health Min: Let's keep our distance, don't greet with elbow bumps

Peruvian Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti addresses reporters. Photo: ANDINA/Minsa

Peruvian Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti addresses reporters. Photo: ANDINA/Minsa

12:52 | Lima, Sep. 15.

Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti on Tuesday urged citizens to avoid greeting one another with elbow bumps, to maintain social distancing, and not to be overconfident following the decrease in the numbers of daily COVID-19 cases and deaths. Otherwise, the figure could rise again.

"A detail that you must always remember is that the WHO (World Health Organization) has told us how to greet others. I know it is difficult, we have to change our habits again because that shows the maturity of a country," she expressed.

The Cabinet member explained that when two people greet each other with elbow bumps, there is a greater risk of catching the virus as they physically come close to each other.

"Now, it is about maintaining social distance. Let's keep our distance because, when we touch other people's elbows, we stand 60 or 80 centimeters away from one another; thus, we are at higher risk," she emphasized.


However, people must not become overconfident or stop complying with the measures aimed at reducing the risk of contagion.

"If we get distracted by other things, the risk will be for all of us. That has happened in other countries around the world; the figures had started to fall, but suddenly they rose again," Dr. Mazzetti said.

"Let's keep our distance," she concluded. 

Remarks were made while supervising the Territorial Aid Operation for Treatment and Isolation in Response to COVID-19 (Tayta Operation) in Lima's Villa Maria del Triunfo district.


Publicado: 15/9/2020