Peru's President: We will not rest until those responsible are identified

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

13:33 | Lima, Nov. 21.

The new President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Saturday affirmed that his administration will not rest until having identified those responsible for the deaths of two young people and the injuries caused to other citizens during the protests held last week in Peru.

During the ceremony, in which the Armed Forces and National Police recognized him as Supreme Chief, the Head of State said that the ongoing investigations will find out if orders were given or whether it was an initiative of a small group.

"We will not rest, nor will we stop working, until we fully identify those responsible and apply the rigor that corresponds in accordance with the law," he expressed.

Likewise, the top official said it should be clear that the police institution —which is fundamental to the democratic system and citizens— cannot be stigmatized.

The statesman recalled that, in the recent political crisis, the poor performance of some police members —in the face of legitimate citizen demonstrations— caused the death of two young men: Inti Sotelo and Bryan Pintado —a fact strongly questioned by the population and international organizations.

"This situation will not continue nor can it continue any longer (...). This crisis scenario must be transformed into an opportunity to lay the foundations for the strengthening of the Police in order to guarantee effectiveness and regain closeness with the citizenry," he emphasized.

Mr. Sagasti also affirmed that this context demands the commitment of the political class, so that it learns to resolve differences and conflicts properly —as the country deserves and demands— with the aim of reaching consensus to establish the minimum conditions for calm and fulfill the task of achieving development.

"We must avoid at all costs that police actions become resource, as a consequence of our little capacity for political dialogue and inability to understand one another properly in peace," he underlined.


Publicado: 21/11/2020