Peru's President says gov't will prioritize health, education, and agriculture

13:48 | Curimana (Ucayali region), Oct. 12.

The Government will prioritize health, education, and agriculture, said the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo, who paid a working visit to the district of Curimana in Ucayali region.

"We will prioritize health, education, and agriculture. Heath is the most important thing," he said during a speech at Curimana's Main Square, after visiting the district's health care center.

In the presence of locals, the Head of State asked local and regional authorities to invest project budgets in coordination with the population so as to ensure that resources reach the people, schools, health care centers, and irrigation projects.

"We will find a way —through the Ministry of Transportation and Communications— to follow up on the thefts (of money) in some projects, regardless of who is involved," the President stated.

"We must expose them and punish them because this is the people's money, and authorities are elected by the people. This road must be carried out by investing all the money in the project," he added.

He urged Ucayali region legislators to be on the side of the population, as well as to collect their complaints and suggestions, but without quarrels with authorities or unfounded allegations.

The top official noted that he has asked Agrarian Development and Irrigation Minister Victor Mayta to put irrigation problems faced by farmers on the agenda.

Likewise, Mr. Castillo affirmed that he has asked Energy and Mines Minister Eduardo Gonzalez to meet the population's natural gas needs within three months.


Publicado: 12/10/2021