Peru's President confident Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines to arrive before end-Jan

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

16:48 | Lima, Jan. 13.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Wednesday said he is confident that the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines from China's laboratory Sinopharm will arrive in Peru by the end of this month to start a vaccination process and immunize the Peruvian population.

Within this framework, the Head of State stressed that at this moment Peruvian authorities are already working to be prepared, in terms of logistics, to transport the acquired vaccines.

"The commitment we have with Sinopharm is that they (vaccines) arrive before the end of January; we are in China, with our ambassador there, as well as the authorities of the Ministries of Health, Economy and Finance, and Foreign Affairs, working intensely so that this is complied with," he expressed.

In this sense, the top official mentioned that there is no exact day and time when the vaccines will arrive in the national territory, but there is confidence that the first batch (one million doses) will arrive before the end of this month.

"The commitment of the Transitional and Emergency Government is to ensure universal vaccination, without discrimination, and free of charge for all Peruvians through the public system. Of course, this entails the participation of civil society organizations, professional associations, and the private sector; it is a joint effort which must be joined by all of us," he stated.


Publicado: 13/1/2021