Peru's President calls for inquiry into content of audio recordings

14:40 | Lima, Sep. 14.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday called for an inquiry into the content of audio recordings presented at Congress, despite the fanciful and unreal claims contained on them.

Additionally, the Head of State affirmed that he is willing to testify before the Prosecutor's Office starting now and not when his term ends.

"Despite how fanciful and unreal it seems, I call on the competent bodies to conduct an investigation by contrasting this version so as to determine the falseness of these claims through formal instances," he stated.

"As far as I am concerned, due to my position, I cannot be prosecuted until the end of my term of office, but as I have already said, I am willing to testify before the Prosecutor's Office now and not when my mandate ends," he added.

The statesman confirmed that he and everyone at the Executive Branch are willing to be investigated, and said —with conviction— that there is no crime and nothing illegal in what the audio recordings revealed.

"I must tell Peruvians that this constitutes the betrayal of someone close to me. It makes me sad and, in addition to being disappointed, I regret to say that this is a personal situation that has extended to the political scene and has been exploited by shady characters," he said.

The President regretted the situation and apologized to the country because a person from the Presidential Office, whom he trusted, created this situation with baseless claims and without any foundation, thus feeding the gossip mill and people's ghoulish instincts.

Remarks were made on Monday afternoon during a statement to the nation at the Government Palace in Lima.


Publicado: 14/9/2020