Peru's PM: Transition Government leaves document with details on vaccination plan



11:22 | Lima, Jul. 26.

Peru's Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez on Monday morning affirmed that the Transition and Emergency Government is leaving a document with details on the COVID-19 vaccination process for the incoming authorities.

In an interview with Santa Rosa radio station, the Cabinet chief claimed that the outgoing government has left a document with details on the entire vaccination process, including the acquisition of doses, the laboratories with which Peru is negotiating the participating actors in such stage, and how a Vaccinathon is organized.

"We are going to leave the principles of the vaccination drive for the incoming government," she explained.

The high-ranking official estimated that 50% of the country's population will be vaccinated by October this year, considering the supply of doses scheduled for August and October.

On the matter, the Prime Minister highlighted the interest of Peruvians in getting immunized against COVID-19, according to information collected in two separate surveys conducted at the end of last year and two weeks ago.

It should be pointed out that the rejection of the COVID-19 vaccine by the population fell 14% between the first and second surveys.


The head of the Ministerial Cabinet emphasized that the reactivation of the productive apparatus is associated with the management of the pandemic because if more people are immunized and protected against the virus, the economy will become more dynamic.

In this sense, she noted that —in the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)— priority has been given to the vaccination and response to the pandemic.


Publicado: 26/7/2021