Peru's PM announces meeting with Congress Chairwoman on Friday

20:55 | Lima, Oct. 13.

Peru's Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez on Wednesday announced that she will meet with Congress Chairwoman Maria del Carmen Alva on Friday, October 15, as part of the round of talks with political forces.

"A meeting with the Chair of Congress has already been set for Friday. I think this is an advance with respect to the round of talks, which will be helpful within the framework of governance," she said.

The Cabinet chief affirmed that the round of talks with parliamentary groups is an attempt to reach a consensus on some aspects that can be addressed together within the framework of governance.

She noted that legislators are taking part of the Representation Week (during which they return to their localities to address complaints and facilitate mediation among citizens and public institutions) and that steps have been taken to coordinate schedules.

"I must say that the majority (of legislators) are willing to engage in dialogue," Vasquez remarked.

The high-ranking official indicated that she is respectful of parliamentary groups' positions, of the way they see the Government, and of their criticism, including that from Peru Libre. 

"This is a diverse State, where criticism is accepted. We will get closer to all parliamentary groups, also to Peru Libre. We believe that both the Executive Branch and Congress must work together on shared goals to reach a common understanding," she added.

Her remarks were delivered during a press conference following the Council of Ministers session held Wednesday at the Government Palace in Lima.


Publicado: 13/10/2021