Peru's Nasca Lines documentary joins Disney+ platform

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

11:01 | Lima, Apr. 8.

The Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets, a documentary produced by Edge West Productions in association with National Geographic, is now part of the Disney+ platform.

This work was filmed from a high-tech robotic helicopter, which allowed scientists to create the first digital map of the Nasca Lines in order to provide a comprehensive image linking these enigmatic lines to the desert landscape and ancient settlements.

This allowed scientists to test theories about the lines in unprecedented detail.

As is known, the Nasca Lines are some of the most impressive structures ever made by man.

This documentary amazes audiences with images of these immense and complex lines that extend over thousands of kilometers carved as animals, deities, and geometric shapes.

The production invites you to discover how the people, who lived in the year 100 BC and transformed an arid landscape into pockets of fertile oases, were able to build these impressive structures.

This work presents a complete description of the lines, the way in which they were built and the various images that are formed by each one. It also includes historical information about this attraction.


Publicado: 8/4/2021