Peru's Head of State: Curimana natural gas to reach families most in need

21:19 | Curimana (Ucayali region), Oct. 12.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Tuesday announced that the Government will drive efforts to bring natural gas from Curimana district (Ucayali region) to households within said area, adding that his administration will promote real development without stealing the country's money.

The Head of State gave Energy and Mines Minister Eduardo Gonzalez the task of speeding up the gas supply process and meeting the district's needs.

"Why it is that a town situated by a river does not have access to natural gas, water, or drainage system? This is urgent. We need to prioritize this," he said.

The Peruvian leader highlighted the natural gas wealth in the area and stressed the need for locals to benefit from it.

The President estimated that, if the arrangements were implemented starting today, Curimana inhabitants would enjoy said resource in about six months.

Moreover, he underscored that his working visits to regions are not about a photo opportunity, but a way to boost real development together with the people and without stealing the country's and communities' money.

Mr. Castillo's remarks were delivered on Tuesday during a meeting with locals from Curimana district.


Publicado: 12/10/2021