Peru's FA Min: Presidential impeachment motion weakens institutionality, democracy

Photo: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

Photo: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

16:00 | Lima, Nov. 30.

Foreign Affairs Minister Oscar Maurtua on Tuesday affirmed that the impeachment motion submitted by a sector of Congress is based on subjective arguments, as well as weakens institutionality and democracy in Peru.

Via the Foreign Affairs Ministry's Twitter account, the Cabinet member pointed out that said request places Peru's positive economic projection at risk, "putting the brakes on foreign investors" who are interested in our country.

"(The) presidential impeachment request is based on subjective arguments that weaken institutionality and democracy," it wrote.

The diplomat also said this situation violates the rule of law "and intends to break the popular will of a government legitimately elected by the Peruvian People and recognized by the international community."

Furthermore, it collides with the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

A presidential impeachment motion on the grounds of permanent moral incapacity was presented on November 25. The request was signed by 28 parliamentarians.

Avanza Pais party Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos is listed as the author.

Impeachment supporters belong to the following parties: Avanza Pais, Fuerza Popular, and Renovacion Popular.


Publicado: 30/11/2021