Peru's Embassy hosts special event with major media outlets in Japan

Photo: Min

Photo: Min

17:30 | Tokyo (Japan), May. 25.

Within the framework of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Peruvian-Japanese diplomatic relations, Peru's Embassy in Tokyo hosted a special informative session addressed to the main media outlets in the hosting country.

The event was intended to strengthen the South American nation's image.

General information on Peru was provided, highlighting various aspects, such as its macroeconomic strength, the prompt bilateral trade recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the main tourist attractions and wide Peruvian gastronomic offer available in Japan.

The event was attended by journalists and representatives of the most important media outlets in the Asian country: NHK, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, Yomiuri Shimbun, Nikkei, Tokyo Metropolitan Television, and The Japan Times.

Likewise, the calendar of activities to take place in Japan on the occasion of the sesquicentennial was presented to attendees.

Editor's note: Information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru.


Publicado: 25/5/2023