Peru to cement position as tourist destination with safe, first-class products

20:27 | Lima, Feb. 22.

The Executive Branch will launch a National Plan for the Reactivation of Tourism, whose two main objectives are to develop and consolidate a range of sustainable destinations, as well as position Peru as a destination with safe and first-class tourism products.

In addition, the plan aims to improve the sector's competitiveness by strengthening its institutions and the public-private partnership, the head of the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur), Claudia Cornejo, reported at a press conference.

"This sector has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and, in this sense, we have already drawn up a national strategy for the reactivation of tourism, which has been introduced starting today," the government official explained.

In three years

The plan’s estimated implementation period is 3 years, the minister said, adding that the initiative includes a series of measures “for the economic reactivation, as well as the sector’s preservation and sustainable development, within the framework of the state of national emergency declared because of COVID-19."

The actions to be carried out as part of the implementation of this plan are based on the new post-pandemic tourist demands, for example, "nature tourism and open spaces, without ignoring the highly-regarded cultural tourism."


The Cabinet member welcomed the participation of local governments, regions, and private sector in the design and preparation of this strategy, noting that her sector has been coordinating actions —that will be envisaged in 2021— precisely with them. 

The Mincetur head —together with Development and Social Inclusion Minister Silvana Vargas— gave a press conference on Monday afternoon to inform citizens on the actions taken by the Executive Branch to address the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the lives of Peruvians.


Publicado: 22/2/2021