Peru registers US$588 million trade surplus in November 2017

09:59 | Lima, Jan. 12.

Peru's trade balance posted a US$588 million surplus in November 2017, thus maintaining the positive performance registered since July 2016, Central Reserve Bank (BCR) informed.

According to the issuing entity, the Andean country has registered an accumulated trade surplus worth US$5.147 billion between January and November 2017.

This outcome was mainly explained by an increase in the country's export volume (4.2%) and export prices (16.5%).

In November, exports totaled US$4.111 billion, up 21.4% compared to the same month in 2016, thus posting 17 consecutive months of positive performance.

This was due to a 28.7% growth in traditional exports, driven by higher sales of copper, gold, and zinc.

Additionally, non-traditional shipments experienced a 4.2% increase, underpinned by greater sales of textiles, jewelry, as well as metal-mechanic, chemical, and iron-steel products.

November 2017 trade balance 

On the other hand, imports amounted to US$3.524 billion in November last year, a 16.8% growth over the same month in 2016, mostly underpinned by greater purchases of inputs and capital goods.


Publicado: 12/1/2018