Peru receives U.S.-J8 vehicle fleet for war on drugs

16:22 | Lima, Nov. 16 (ANDINA).

The Peruvian Army has accepted 38 new Jeep J8 light utility vehicles donated by the United States to boost its combat capability in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking
The new vehicles are meant to increase Peruvian forces' mobility for counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics operations in the southern Valle del Rio Apurimac, Ene y Mantaro (VRAEM) region.

The U.S. donation is seen as a boost for Peruvian operations in the VRAEM, where the remainder of the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso - SL) militant group and most of the Peruvian narcotics production are concentrated.

Moreover, the Peruvian Army is considering buying about 100 light vehicles to provide mobility for new Spike Long Range and Spike Extended Range anti-tank guided missiles and for liaison and utility purposes, reported.


Publicado: 16/11/2013