Peru: Private formal employment up 9.7% in September 2022

Photo: Ministry of Production (Produce)

Photo: Ministry of Production (Produce)

18:21 | Lima, Nov. 22.

Private formal employment increased 9.7% in September this year, over the same month in 2021, according to the Labor Information Registry (T-Register) and the Monthly Payment Worksheet (Plame), which are part of the Labor-Employment Promotion Ministry (MTPE) electronic spreadsheet, resulting in an increase of 358,000 jobs.

In this regard, the MTPE stated that, compared to the period prior to the COVID-19 health emergency, 279,000 formal jobs were added in the private sector (up 7.4% from September 2019).

The government agency noted that the growth of formal employment in the private sector during the aforementioned month was witnessed in almost all branches of economic activity.

In addition, the ministry highlighted the dynamism of the services (15.3%), trade (8.7%), and mining (8.2%) sectors, compared to September 2021.

Moreover, an increase in employment was observed in the construction (1.4%) and manufacturing (1.1%) sectors.

Likewise, the MTPE reported that companies with more than 10 employees and up to 100 employees were the ones that increased their payroll employment levels the most, in percentage terms (13.0%). 

The indicators for companies with 1 to 10 employees (9.1%) and those with more than 100 employees (8.8%) were also positive.

Public and private sectors

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion remarked that formal employment as a whole (considering public and private sectors) increased 6.3% in September this year over the same month in 2021.

This represented an increase of 429,000 formal jobs compared to September 2021, which raised the formal workforce in the country to 5,602,000 employees.


Publicado: 22/11/2022