Peru: President saluted by various foreign, national dignitaries

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

00:00 | Lima, Jul. 29.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Wednesday evening was greeted by leaders of foreign missions, as well as national authorities, high military commanders, representatives of business guilds, and relatives —after having taken office earlier that day.

The Head of State was joined by Vice-President Dina Boluarte during the various ceremonies held in five rooms of Lima Convention Center.

Before representatives of foreign delegations, the top official indicated that the responsibility to make changes nationwide will not become a reality if Peru lives isolated from the rest of countries.

"The peoples have to come together, and today I come to share this commitment. On behalf of Peru, I would like us to make an effort with you for the broadest unity of the world's peoples, an effort to invest less in weapons, in things that do not produce but cause harm between brother countries," he indicated.

In this sense, the Peruvian President called on dignitaries to gear efforts so that people around the world can have access to education, health, and food for their families.

Likewise, Mr. Castillo was saluted by Peruvian authorities, civil society members, as well as heads of various municipalities and regional governments throughout the country, in addition to senior military officials.

"A mayor, a congressman, one who leads the Church, a teacher, has to respond to the people. Peru needs its authorities to stop fighting and sit together to contribute to the State," he pointed out.

The President also received greetings from business guilds, as well as leaders of political parties, ronderos (peasant patrols), and his relatives.

Thus, he succeeds ex-President Francisco Sagasti, who had taken office in November 2020 to lead the Transition and Emergency Government until July 28, 2021.


Publicado: 29/7/2021