Peru: President Sagasti leads justice system reform council session

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

12:00 | Lima, Jan. 22.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Friday led the reinstatement session of the Council for Reform of the Justice System.

At this instance, a proposal for the Justice System Reform Policy and normative projects to boost changes in the sector were evaluated.

"The reactivation of the Council for Reform of the Justice System has a very unique meaning because this is the year of the Bicentennial, and reopening it is necessary," the Head of State expressed.

The top official added that —200 years after Peru's Independence— proposing reforms to the justice system has a symbolic meaning "because it proves that all institutions are committed to the fight against corruption."

According to the statesman, the Council for Reform of the Justice System seeks to reach consensus on how to redesign a set of reforms that promote substantive changes aimed at making it more effective for the benefit of the citizenry.

Mr. Sagasti noted that Peru deserves a judicial system which administers and serves justice in full compliance with the constitutional mandates, placing human beings as the main and supreme goal of its work, and where the principle of equality before the law is applied.

"Let's leave the route outlined for the medium and long terms in order to strengthen the institutions that belong to the justice system. This administration's main task is to recover what was advanced, update it, and look to the future," he concluded.

The virtual event was attended by Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez, Justice and Human Rights Minister Eduardo Vega, Congress Head Mirtha Vasquez, Judicial Branch Chairwoman Elvia Barrios, Attorney General Zoraida Avalos, National Justice Board Chair Ines Tello, Comptroller General Nelson Shack, and the Deputy Official in charge of Constitutional Affairs at the Ombudsman Office Abraham Garcia.


Publicado: 22/1/2021