Peru President reiterates there are no conditions for dialogue

10:19 | Lima, Nov. 8.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra affirmed the Executive Branch is not setting any conditions for dialogue with other political forces.

"We do not set any conditions for dialogue. Dialogue has been on the table since we took office," he told the press.

The Head of State explained he has already shared his point of view concerning the continuity of Attorney General Pedro Chavarry in his post. As is known, Chavarry has been linked by many to Keiko Fujimori.

In this sense, he expects the institution Chavarry leads can gain the population's confidence. 

"We respect the separation of powers, and we hope the Public Ministry can finally be a prestigious institution that can instill confidence in the population. That's what we expect," he pointed out.

According to the Peruvian leader, it is the Congress that must decide Chavarry's continuity in his position. 

Plus, he urged Parliament to act in a transparent manner, claiming lawmakers know what shielding is and how to do the right thing.

Additionally, Vizcarra affirmed he is not avoiding inquiries and cited the Chinchero case as an example, saying he is willing to answer any questions at all times.


Publicado: 8/11/2018