Peru President confident new Congress will do proper job

00:00 | Lima, Jan. 16.

President Martin Vizcarra has affirmed that he is fully confident the Congress members —to be elected on January 26— will do an effective job by passing bills in favor of Peru.

"I don't have any doubts that they will put their most effort on making their stay in this State power as relevant as is Congress, by passing bills for the benefit of all Peruvians," he told reporters on Wednesday.

The Head of State said he hopes that projects such as the political and justice reform will be completed, and remarked that his administration currently assesses the progress and pending tasks in order to present them to the new Parliament.

Constitutional Court

Regarding what could happen to the former lawmakers who voted for his suspension —following the constitutional dissolution of Parliament on September 30, 2019— he said the Executive Branch will address the matter, and the corresponding bodies will evaluate, as well as determine what is convenient.


Publicado: 16/1/2020