Peru: President Castillo goes to Public Ministry headquarters

Photo: ANDINA/Andrés Valle

10:27 | Lima, Aug. 4.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Thursday morning went to the headquarters of the Public Ministry together with his lawyers in compliance with the summons issued by Attorney General Patricia Benavides.

In a post on his official Twitter account, the Head of State stated that he agrees with his lawyers, Benji Espinoza and Eduardo Pachas, "regarding the fact that I have the right to testify at the Government Palace."

"However, I have asked them to accompany me to the Attorney General's Office to defend my innocence and always collaborate with justice," he said.

The top official went on foot toward Abancay Avenue, in downtown Lima, heading in the direction of the Public Ministry.

He was accompanied by his defense team composed of Espinoza and Pachas. The hearing lasted more than one hour. Afterwards, they returned to the Government Palace facilities.

Last Wednesday, the Public Ministry stated that the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo had to go to the Attorney General's Office to give his statement about the Armed Forces promotion process.

In Peru, the Public Ministry is independent from the Executive Branch.


Publicado: 4/8/2022