Peru: President calls on citizens to continue complying with preventive measures

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

11:24 | Huaraz (Ancash region), May. 4.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Tuesday requested Peruvians to continue complying with extreme care measures against COVID-19, despite the decrease in mortality and contagion of this disease.

The Head of State said that —although the statistical data reflect that the number of cases has begun to decrease slightly— it is necessary to continue respecting prevention measures.

"We are at a critical point, but with a slight improvement that we hope will continue in the future," he indicated, noting the need to wear face masks, maintain physical distancing, and avoid crowds to prevent further contagion.

Likewise, the statesman urged the people, who hesitate to get vaccinated, to put aside that stance and get immunized to protect themselves, their families, and all citizens in general.

Mr. Sagasti affirmed that his administration cares for the entire nation, but —first of all— for those who take care of other Peruvians, meaning those on the frontline against COVID-19 and the most vulnerable ones.

Therefore, the Peruvian leader recalled that —after the immunization of medical and law enforcement personnel— it proceeded with elders aged above 80, followed by those over 70 and soon those aged above 60 will come.

Vaccines for Ancash

The President stressed that the 10,530 Pfizer vaccines delivered today will allow the State to continue immunizing older adults in Ancash region, which will rely on a total of 185,520 doses to arrive progressively in the country.

With this, it will be possible to vaccinate 91,260 older adults in Ancash region.

Since the pandemic will not disappear quickly, the Government continues with the negotiations to secure more doses for the next administration taking office on July 28, 2021.

Remarks were made from the city of Huaraz (Ancash region), where Mr. Sagasti arrived to deliver COVID-19 vaccines.


Publicado: 4/5/2021