Peru presents 2022 investment execution goals

Photo: ARCC

Photo: ARCC

10:01 | Lima, Jan. 14.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has presented the 2022 investment execution goals and strategic actions to optimize the management of resources towards the achievement of objectives and goals coordinated with regional governments.

According to the new goals, S/8.281 billion (around US$2.122 billion) is expected to be executed in 2022, which would set a new record this year, as it would be 18% higher than in 2021.

In a virtual meeting, regional authorities were informed that the annual execution goal for all regional governments is S/8.281 billion (around US$2.122 billion) in 2022, while the goal for the first quarter of the year is S/1.092 billion (about US$279.9 million).

In 2021, public investment execution in the three levels of government reached a historic high, amounting to S/39.103 billion (around US$10.023 billion) and thereby becoming a dynamic element for the economy in a year in which various productive activities recovered. 

Out of this amount, regional governments executed S/7.038 million (around US$1.804 billion), with an average execution rate of 72% —the highest in the last five years. 

Four regional governments reported an execution rate of more than 90%, led by San Martin, whose execution rate was 94.1%.

In a bid to meet the above-mentioned execution goals, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will provide regional governments with training and technical support focused on the improvement of performance in investment portfolio management, the implementation of working roundtables, computer applications, among other things.

During the virtual meeting, Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Francke told regional governors that his sector will strengthen processes, technical support, and training to surpass the record level of public investment in 2021, so as to continue promoting the closing of gaps.


Publicado: 14/1/2022