Peru: Police seizes 15 tons of illegal-drug-related chemical supplies

15:51 | Huancayo (Junin region), Nov. 19.

As a result of intelligence work, the National Police of Peru has managed to seize 15 tons of chemical supplies —initially intended for the production of narcotics— and arrested 10 suspects involved in alleged illicit drug-trafficking activities.

The shipment of acetone had been destined for the Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro Rivers (Vraem). It had been transported in three trucks via Surcubamba Road —an area located northeast of Tayacaja Province (Huancavelica region).

The 10 people —who had been apparently trained by a gang of drug traffickers— were traveling in three vehicles. They had camouflaged the controlled chemical input under hay to mislead the law enforcement agents.

"These substances for the production of cocaine usually enter through Surcubamba, but we have prevented the substance from reaching the Vraem. Without any doubt, it is a fine work that our Police investigation and intelligence sections have done in this case (…)," said the Head of the Sixth Police Macro-Region PNP General Alejandro Oviedo Echevarria.

The detainees —who are in the identification process— and the illegal shipment of acetone were taken to the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Illicit Drug Trafficking in the city of Huancayo.


Publicado: 19/11/2019

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