Peru PM highlights regions' commitment in fight against corruption

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

13:22 | Ayacucho (Ayacucho region), Dec. 6.

Peruvian Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos on Friday highlighted the commitment of regional and local authorities in the South American country to attack the scourge of corruption within the public administration.

Remarks were made during the decentralized campaign titled "La Caravana de la Justicia" (The Caravan of Justice) held in the Andean city of Ayacucho.

Zeballos highlighted the event promoted by the Justice and Human Rights Ministry and indicated it is a good example of what the Peruvian State should do as a whole, of paying attention to all the country's areas.

"It is necessary then to boost a true renewal of the State in order to give a timely and due attention to citizens. From the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), we make available our Secretariats so that citizens can feel identified with their authorities," he pointed out.

The President of the Council of Ministers said that specific actions are planned in the fight against corruption; one of them, he stressed, is the publication of the Urgency Decree that establishes the mandatory presentation of the Affidavit of Interest by public officials.

“With this, we give citizens the best control weapon," he said.

Lastly, Salinas expressed the State's commitment to continue —towards 2021— with the frontal fight against corruption and impunity "in order to strengthen institutions for the sake of our democracy."

"That is a task of the authorities but also involves all citizens," he concluded.


Publicado: 6/12/2019