Peru PM: Decrees seek to meet priority social demands

13:35 | Tacna (Tacna region), Nov. 8.

Peru's Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos assured on Friday that the decrees issued by the Executive Branch seek to meet priority social demands.

Zeballos remarked that even though the Executive Branch is empowered by the Constitution to issue decrees with the force of law, priorities and internal guidelines have been established to set out the circumstances in which these rules will be applied, since they are not a blank check.

"We are exhaustive and prudent in their issuance. The upcoming law is about the Budget and must be passed by Congress on November 30, at the latest, but who will do so? We'll have to do it ourselves, through an urgency decree," he told Tacna-based Radio Uno.

The Prime Minister noted that President Martin Vizcarra's administration is sensitive and committed to the population. Besides, it travels every week not only to monitor works but also to talk to authorities and citizens.

"How could we not meet their demands? Precisely, this group of regulations —through urgency decrees— are aimed at meeting social demands that are given priority status," he explained.

So far, urgency decrees have approved a law on generic medicines —submitted by the Executive Branch— and a bill for the resumption of works halted by arbitrations, precautionary measures, among others —submitted by the Comptroller General's Office

The government official said that urgency decrees would be subject to a future control by the new Congress, which will be able to ratify, modify, or repeal them, if deemed appropriate.


Publicado: 8/11/2019

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