Peru: Of 23,040 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, 20,795 were unvaccinated

Photo: ANDINA/Jhonel Rodríguez

Photo: ANDINA/Jhonel Rodríguez

10:59 | Lima, Jan. 14.

A study conducted by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) showed that of 23,040 patients hospitalized for coronavirus, 20,795 had not been vaccinated against the virus, neither with the first nor the second dose.

Of the same amount of patients, only 653 patients had received the first dose, while 1,592 had both doses of the vaccine, the research revealed.

These data, which include the condition and vaccination status of patients in health services until January 9, were recently provided by Health Minister Hernando Cevallos at the end of the Council of Ministers session.


As for citizens admitted to intensive care units (ICUs), Cevallos reported that, of a total amount of 2,901 patients included in the study, 2,452 were not vaccinated, 130 had only received the first dose, and 319 had been administered two doses of the vaccine. 

Deceased citizens

The study revealed that of the 11,253 people who passed away, 10,430 were not immunized, 501 had received only the first dose, whereas 322 had been administered the first and second doses.

According to the official, research shows how the health of a person who did not receive the full doses gets complicated. Their risk of hospitalization and need for admission to ICUs is 21 times higher than that of those who are immunized.

"Unvaccinated people are highly likely to end up hospitalized or in an ICU bed. This is causing us problems because 70% of ICU beds, the vast majority, are already occupied by unvaccinated patients," he indicated.


That is why the Health Ministry insists on recommending that people receive both doses of the vaccine and the booster dose to avoid contagion —especially those aged above 60 and people with comorbidities (multiple health problems).

On the other hand, the Cabinet member expressed satisfaction with the increase (above 50%) in vaccination coverage against COVID-19 in Puno, Loreto, and Ucayali regions.

"Last month, vaccination coverage did not even reach 30% in those regions," he indicated, after noting that 
in Peru 83.7% of the target population has already received the second dose.

COVID-19 cases

Minister Cevallos also warned that there is a substantial increase in COVID-19 cases in Peru, having climbed from 26,000 to 81,000 per week.

The health sector's head pointed out that the majority of cases are due to the Omicron variant, according to the report by the National Health Institute (INS).


Publicado: 14/1/2022