Peru: Non-traditional fishing exports up 5% in Jan-Jul 2019

09:39 | Lima, Sep. 18.

Peru's non-traditional fishing exports amounted to US$967.2 million between January and July in 2019, thus registering a 5% expansion compared to the same period last year, Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) has informed.

According to CCL's Foreign Trade Center (CCEX) Manager Monica Chavez, this increase was due to higher shipments of frozen giant squid, which totaled US$518.9 million (+4.8%). Besides, this product accounts for 53.7% of total exports. 

During the above-mentioned period, non-traditional fishing exports reached 97 countries. 

In this sense, China was the main destination, amounting to US$174.5 million, thus representing 18% of the total. 

The Asian Giant was followed by South Korea (US$149.4 million, 15.4%), Spain (US$140.3 million, 14.5%), and the United States (US$113.2 million, 11.7%). These markets account for around 60% of the total. 

"Giant squid is one of the most demanded species by the international market, as it is considered a star product of great demand in its diverse presentations (…)," Chavez expressed. 

Frozen mackerel (US$36.3 million, +5.45%), frozen trout (US$6.7 million, +99%), and frozen tuna fillet (US$2.7 million, +100%) also stood out. 

Finally, whole frozen shrimps (US$55 million, +39%) and shrimp tails with shell (US$335,000, 100%) posted positive results. 


Publicado: 18/9/2019

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