Peru: Lima's polling places disinfected prior to elections

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

10:14 | Lima, Apr. 8.

Lima City Mayor Jorge Muñoz on Thursday supervised the start of cleaning and disinfection works at Capac Yupanqui zonal club —one of the 19 zonal clubs, sports centers, and metropolitan parks that will become polling places in the general elections this weekend.

"34 voting tables will be set up in this zonal club, which is located in Rimac district, in accordance with the provisions of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE)," the authority expressed.

"That is why today we are undertaking cleaning and disinfection efforts, which will continue in the following days. In addition, we will deploy our personnel to support security outside the 19 precincts this Sunday," he indicated.

404 voting tables will be installed in theses spaces run by the municipal administration.

The Lima Municipality carried out these tasks with the support of cleaning crews, whose members poured a chemical solution composed of quaternary ammonium in a controlled dose supported by motor sprayers, in order to reduce the microbial load on the perimeter of the establishment, doors, and entrance ramps, among other spaces.

It must be noted that the personnel in charge of these works relied on the proper protective equipment, which included gloves, safety glasses, face masks, appropriate footwear, and uniforms in good condition.

These actions will also continue in other polling centers.


Publicado: 8/4/2021