Peru: Interior Minister says sector guarantees right to protest in peaceful manner

Ministro del Interior, Vicente Romero.

Ministro del Interior, Vicente Romero.

09:39 | Lima, Jan. 23.

Peruvian Interior Minister Vicente Romero on Monday affirmed that his sector guarantees the natural right to protest, as long as it is peaceful and does not affect the rights of other people who need to work and move freely.

The government official stated that social protests will continue in the coming days, involving two groups whose strategies have been duly identified.

One group —made up of violent people— who will continue to stage excesses, and another group of people who have legitimate demands that were not met by many governments, whom the police must protect.

The member of the Ministerial Cabinet made those remarks on Monday morning in an interview with RPP Noticias.

"I call on all those people who are involved in the social protests. We want to tell them that the Interior sector guarantees the natural right to protest but I urge them to do it peacefully, without invading the rights of others, who need to work and transit," the minister said.

"We want to grow, we want to be different, I call on all Peruvians and all authorities to work for Peru," he pointed out.

Following the announcement and occurrence of more situations of violence and road blockades, Romero underlined that the Peruvian National Police (PNP) will continue to protect the lives and integrity of all people.

San Marcos University

Regarding the entry of the police into San Marcos University (UNMSM), the minister underscored that this was done in compliance with the law and human rights, because of a previous complaint made by said university.

"(…) at the request of a party and in flagrante delicto (of a crime), because a complaint was made the day before the intervention, over the violent entry of 300 people who removed the security guards, took their portable radios, and chained the nine entrance gates," he added.

In addition, the Cabinet member noted that university authorities sent another document requesting the intervention of the police.

"That is why the police entered, as they were in flagrante delicto, and within the framework of a state of emergency, that is, in compliance with the law," he said.


Publicado: 23/1/2023