Peru: Indeci mobilized 1,293 tons of humanitarian aid

09:08 | Lima, Mar. 15.

Indeci has —so far this year— mobilized a total of 1,293 tons of humanitarian aid aimed at attending the emergencies caused by heavy rains, as well as restocking the storehouses located in diverse regions of the Inca country.

As is known, heavy rains and landslides have affected many Peruvian regions, leaving people homeless, injured, and at least 30 dead.  

Thus, the Government has declared several districts in a state of emergency

Said humanitarian assistance was transported by air, land, and sea to Indeci's warehouses, which are strategically located across the national territory. These supplies were delivered with the purpose of meeting the needs of local and regional authorities.

Within the framework of state of emergency declarations, Indeci provided provisions such as housing, clothes, food, tools, and hygiene kits, among others. 

Furthermore, Indeci —through the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN)— supervises and follows up on the emergencies caused by natural phenomena, as well as coordinates actions with local and regional authorities. 


Publicado: 15/3/2019