Peru: Get to know the 25 international routes to resume in November

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

11:10 | Lima, Oct. 22.

The Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has specified that 25 additional international routes will resume this November, thus allowing aircrafts to carry passengers to countries located in North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Each flight has a range of eight hours in duration. Among the North American countries are the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The corresponding destinations are as follows:

1. Los Angeles
2. New York
3. Orlando
4. Miami
5. Houston
6. Atlanta
7. Mexico City
8. Cancun
9. Toronto

Concerning Central America and the Caribbean, aircrafts will be allowed to travel to Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.

10. Havana
11. Montego Bay
12. Punta Cana
13. San Jose
14. San Salvador

In South America, planes will be allowed to take passengers to Brazil and Argentina, in addition to a new destination in Colombia.

15. Cartagena
16. Rio de Janeiro
17. Sao Paulo
18. Brasilia
19. Porto Alegre
20. Foz do Iguaçu
21. Buenos Aires
22. Rosario
23. Mendoza
24. Cordoba
25. Tucuman

The MTC stressed that passengers must comply with the sanitary protocols, such as bringing the negative molecular-test result and filling out the Peruvian migration office virtual form.

"(…) we urge passengers to continue complying with the biosecurity protocols established for international flights," said MTC head Carlos Estremadoyro.

"This way, people will be able to continue with their work and study-related activities or medical treatments, but always protecting their health to avoid contagion. Also, remember that these measures apply to any international traveler, under responsibility of the airlines," he added.

The expansion of international destinations was decided in coordination with the Ministry of Health (Minsa). In this sense, the sector's head reminded that each passenger —who wishes to enter Peru— must present the negative molecular-test result upon arrival.

Close to 12,000 people have traveled in 66 international flights since that date.


Publicado: 22/10/2020