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Peru: Foreign Trade Min brings humanitarian aid to Piura region

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru

09:30 | Huancabamba (Piura region), Mar. 18.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Luis Fernando Helguero delivered two tons of food, medicine, and other aid items to northern Piura region on Friday so as to attend to those families affected by heavy rains in Canchaque district, Huancabamba province.

Within the framework of emergency due to rains, the activation of ravines, overflows, and landslides in various areas on the northern coast, Minister Helguero serves as a liaison between the Central Government and Piura's Regional Government.

As part of said task, the Cabinet member met with Piura Governor Luis Neyra, provincial mayors, as well as Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) and National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) representatives.

Meet the needs

The objective of this meeting was to analyze in detail the situation in Piura, following the rains and floods registered in recent days, and to learn about the specific needs of families that have been affected by natural phenomena.

"I have come as a liaison between the Executive Branch and you to listen and meet the needs that you (as a region) have due to rains and landslides," the minister said.

"This is how we channel your needs so that they are attended to swiftly and in a timely manner by the different portfolios," he concluded. 


Publicado: 18/3/2023