Peru: Exports among Andean Community members up 23.5% in 1Q 2018

13:08 | Lima, Aug. 10.

During the first quarter of 2018, exports among Andean Community (CAN) members reached US$2.095 billion, a 23.5% increase compared to the similar period in 2017.

According to CAN General Secretariat's Statistics Unit, intra-community shipments from the following countries increased: Ecuador (+39.9%), Colombia (+35.5%), and Peru (+5.4%). 

However, Bolivian sales to CAN members decreased by 6%. 

The most demanded intra-community products exported in the aforementioned period included crude petroleum oil, soybean cakes and solid residues, animal feed, cane sugar in solid form, crude palm oil, refined copper wires, and soybean oil, among others. 

Likewise, exports from Andean Community (CAN) members to the rest of the world totaled US$28.485 billion between January and March 2018, a 14.5% rise over the same period last year.


Publicado: 10/8/2018