Peru: EsSalud head warns not to lower guard despite decline in COVID-19 infections

Photo: EsSalud

Photo: EsSalud

00:00 | Abancay (Apurimac region), Sep. 18.

The decline of almost 50% in new coronavirus cases —observed in recent weeks in 8 regions across the country, in addition to Lima and Callao— must be interpreted with extreme caution because the next two weeks are still decisive to take further steps in the fight against this disease, Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud) Executive-President Fiorella Molinelli warned.

Therefore, the EsSalud head called for responsibility and prudence after the Government announced the lifting of the Sunday curfew in most areas of the country.

Molinelli does not rule out a fresh outbreak of the virus in some areas, if prevention measures are not scrupulously followed, since there is not enough information about the virus' development or the potential for reinfection. 

Apurimac EsSalud Village

The EsSalud Executive-President launched the new Apurimac EsSalud Village, which will expand the care capacity for COVID-19 cases by adding 50 beds for mild-to-moderate patients who need oxygen therapy treatment through oxygen concentrators.

She supervised the temporary isolation center —a 1,500-square-meter facility that is adjacent to EsSalud's Hospital No. II of Abancay.

Joined by Apurimac Healthcare Network Manager David Orihuela, Molinelli visited the inpatient unit hosting 50 beds for patients receiving oxygen therapy, which are equipped with oxygen cylinders and the required supplies for patient care.

The temporary facility will be managed by a team of 72 health professionals, including doctors, biologists, pharmaceutical chemists, nutritionists, nurses and nursing assistants.


Publicado: 18/9/2020