Peru: Defense Minister urges citizens to come together to defeat COVID-19 pandemic

Photo: ANDINA/Municipality of Lima.

Photo: ANDINA/Municipality of Lima.

14:04 | Lima, May. 4.

Defense Minister Nuria Esparch on Tuesday urged all Peruvians to come together to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, following the example of civil and military heroes who achieved victory in the Battle of Callao back on May 2, 1866.

"We must always work together in favor of the nation, as our compatriots did on that May 2, facing threats like the one we face today as a result of the COVD-19 pandemic," she said.

Remarks were made during the unveiling of the monument —erected in downtown Lima and restored by the municipality— to commemorate this feat.

After welcoming the restoration work undertaken by the Municipality of Lima —through Prolima— the minister affirmed that the monument is a tribute not only to Jose Galvez and the heroes who sacrificed their lives that day, but also to the brotherhood that unites Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador.

Esparch noted that the memory of this combat has become one of the foundations of the development of national consciousness and identity.

"May this roundabout serve to celebrate the victory of the Americas and the restoration of this monument to reaffirm our respect for traditions, as well as the always victorious image of our heroes. They forged our identity, and now we have to honor their legacy," she expressed.

"I am convinced that this tribute to the deed of Jose Galvez will improve the morale of all Peruvians in these difficult times that we have to face, and that the permanent memory of the May 2 battle will help us restore confidence in our abilities to move forward and, thus, nourish hope for the future of our country," she added.

The event included the participation of Lima's Mayor Jorge Muñoz, Bolivian Ambassador to Peru Carlos Aparicio, Army General Commander Manuel Gomez de La Torre, General Commander of the Navy Ricardo Menendez Calle, and Air Force Inspector General Alfonso Artadi Saletti.


Publicado: 4/5/2021