Peru: Defense Min marks 155th anniversary of Battle of Callao

Photo: ANDINA/Mindef

Photo: ANDINA/Mindef

12:21 | Lima, May. 2.

Peru's Defense Minister Nuria Esparch remembered the heroes of the Battle of Callao, who lost their lives to defend the country's sovereignty.

In a video posted on social media, she noted that one of the heroes of the battle was Navy Secretary Jose Galvez Egusquiza, the predecessor of all defense ministers.

"During the combat, he lost his life —along with other Peruvians— to defend national sovereignty on an important day in the republican history of Peru," the government official explained.

"Honor and glory to the heroes of the Battle of Callao," she stated.

On a day like today, 155 years ago, sailors, soldiers, and citizens combined efforts to fight in defense of national sovereignty during the Battle of Callao. 


Publicado: 2/5/2021