Peru: Cusco strengthens measures to curb increase in COVID-19 cases

13:27 | Cusco (Cusco region), Jul. 31.

Antonio Lorena and Regional Hospitals' capacity in Cusco will be expanded with 90 additional beds for patients with moderate COVID-19, rapid tests will be conducted at health centers, and medicines will be provided to people when needed so as to curb the increase of coronavirus cases in said region.

Cusco Region Governor Jean Paul Benavente —who returned to work today— reported that he will work with the health sector to promote a new COVID-19 control and contention plan ahead of the imminent collapse of hospitals.

The redistribution of beds would be applied in Medicine and Traumatology areas, as announced on Thursday by doctors Jimmy Flores and Enrique Arana, head of the medical staff at Antonio Lorena Hospital and head of the COVID-19 Area at Cusco Regional Hospital, respectively.

"(The hospitals' capacity) can be expanded with actions, equipment, and a better use of resources among COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients," Benavente emphasized.

Health centers

The regional authority explained that rapid tests will be provided to health centers such as Belen Pampa, San Jeronimo and Tupac Amaru in order to identify positive cases and the level of infection.

Additionally, drug kits will be handed over to locals for them to complete quarantine at home, from where they will report on their health.

This measure is claimed to be urgent considering the collapse of the temporary hospital operating at Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Stadium, where long queues are forming outside the sampling point. 

In addition, the private sector is expected to support this effort.


Publicado: 31/7/2020