Peru: Cusco, Puno, Moquegua and Tacna to leave Sundays curfew behind

Photo: ANDINA/@PoliciaPeru

Photo: ANDINA/@PoliciaPeru

15:23 | Lima, Oct. 22.

Mandatory social immobilization (curfew) on Sundays in Cusco, Moquegua, Puno, and Tacna regions will no longer be in force starting this weekend.

The new measure will come into force on October 25. This way, citizens in the aforementioned areas will be allowed to resume their activities on that day.

The lifting of compulsory social immobilization also benefits the provinces of Abancay (Apurimac region); Huamanga (Ayacucho region); and Huanuco (Huanuco region).

In the aforementioned regions and provinces, the restrictive measure had been in force due to the high rate of COVID-19 infections and deaths. However, in recent weeks, a notable decrease was registered. Therefore, the Executive Branch decided to lift Sundays' curfew.

At the beginning of this week, the Social Health Insurance System's (EsSalud) Intelligence and Data Analysis Unit updated its Heat Map report, thus including the week from October 4 to 10. Then, a 4% decrease in weekly COVID-19 cases was reported.

Among the group of regions that stood out for the greatest average decrease in cases were: Huanuco (-3%), Cajamarca (-6%), Arequipa (-7%), Tumbes (-8%), Apurimac (-10%), Lima (-13%), Amazonas (-13%), Callao (-14%), Tacna (-19%), Ica (-21%), Huancavelica (-29%), and Loreto (-35%).


Publicado: 22/10/2020