Peru: Cusco on alert over probable increase in COVID-19 cases due to year-end celebrations

11:59 | Cusco (Cusco region), Jan. 5.

Specialists from the Regional Health Directorate of Cusco (Diresa Cusco) remain on epidemiological alert in the face of a probable increase of COVID-19 cases in the coming hours as a result of overcrowding witnessed during the year-end celebrations in the southern Andean city.

Diresa Cusco Deputy Director Javier Ramirez on Tuesday explained that the rates will be reflected between January 7 and 15.

"In the last two weeks, there has been a great mobility of people (Christmas and New Year), which has increased the risk of a potential rise in cases," he indicated.

In this sense, the official argued that —although the number of daily contagion remained between 50 to 100 people in recent days— there is the probability that a sector of the population has contracted the virus. Thus, the alert is in force throughout the city, which relies on 21 health establishments and 201 beds.

"If there are mild cases, they can be controlled so that they do not become moderate or critical and reach hospitals," he expressed.

Ramirez went on to add that —for severe cases— the regional hospital has 12 equipped beds in the intensive care unit. "It is a modern room, one of the top in Latin America," he stressed.

Furthermore, the official said that another six beds are equipped at Antonio Lorena Hospital's ICU located in Santiago district.

"The provision of oxygen is also ready for eventual consumption; let's remember that it is the only authorized medicine, which does have a positive effect on people's recovery," he added, stressing that there should be no self-medication.

Finally, Ramirez explained that —out of the registered COVID-19 cases— about 30% are active, which means that these citizens can infect others.

According to the most recent COVID-19 Situation Room Report in Cusco, 77,947 people have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic (March 2020) to date —of whom 3,549 received hospital and other 76,905 epidemiological discharges.

Meanwhile, there are currently 114 hospitalized people, of whom 18 are in the ICU.

For its part, the death toll has reached 1,326 since the start of the pandemic. In fact, three citizens passed away in the last 24 hours.


Publicado: 5/1/2021