Peru: Curfew in force across 41 provinces, citizens can go out to get vaccinated



09:06 | Lima, May. 2.

A total of 41 provinces across the country, including Lima and Callao, are at extreme risk level for COVID-19 until May 9, which means their population shall abide by the Sunday curfew.

This means that people in 41 provinces must remain at home all day long on May 2 and 9. The use of private vehicles will be restricted, too.

However, adults over 70 years of age who are slated to be vaccinated on these dates will be allowed to go out —with a companion— to get to the vaccination sites.

This information was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Arturo Granados, who noted that the restriction for private vehicles does not apply to these cases.

"The elderly and a companion can get around by taxi, public transportation or own car, and need to carry their respective ID cards that confirm they are in the age group for vaccination," he told Andina news agency.

Granados emphasized that the elderly will be given this chance not only on Sundays when the mandatory social immobility (curfew) is in effect, but on any holiday when the vaccination is to be delivered.

"The elderly's relatives can print the appointment confirmation page from the website of the Pongo el Hombro (I Lend the Shoulder) platform or save a screenshot on their phone in case they are stopped by the police," he added. 

In addition, those going to work or who hold a special permit to perform essential activities will be allowed to go out on Sundays when the curfew is in place.

Staff members at national electoral bodies are also exempt from this ban.


Publicado: 2/5/2021