Peru: At least 19,000 patients defeated COVID-19 at Lima's Pan Am Village

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

00:00 | Lima, Jan. 21.

From March 2020 to date, the Pan American Village, located in Lima's Villa El Salvador district, has attended to more than 20,000 patients affected by COVID-19 —of whom 19,000 were discharged after having evolved favorably and defeated the disease— Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud) Flexible Offer Manager Pedro Ripalda has reported.

After saluting the recovery of Environment Minister Gabriel Quijandria —who had tested positive for COVID-19 and was discharged on Wednesday after spending 12 quarantine days at the village— Ripalda stressed the importance of those affected by coronavirus to serve an isolation period aimed at breaking the contagion chain.

"The stay of patients allows us to monitor them and timely intervene in case they need (medical) oxygen or a more complex intervention," he expressed.

The EsSalud official reported that two towers operate at the Pan American Village where there are approximately 1,000 beds, adding that 760 patients currently stay at these facilities.

Yet he clarified that —given the rebound in confirmed COVID-19 cases linked to a second wave— the two towers in use are almost full over the last 10 days.

"There are only 130 beds available, and we see a growth rate even higher than that projected in the first stage," he added while addressing journalists.

In this sense, Ripalda specified that EsSalud submits a request to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) with the aim of supporting the funding estimated at S/25 million (about US$6.92 million) to use two additional towers for a period of 90 days.

Finally, the EsSalud spokesperson recalled that the Pan American Village has been operating for over 10 months, and its staff members have always reacted timely to face the pandemic.


Publicado: 21/1/2021