Peru: Arequipa-born scientist succeeds in Silicon Valley, U.S.

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

15:45 | Silicon Valley (U.S.), Jul. 8.

Omar Florez, 36, is a Peruvian scientist who stands out for his work with artificial intelligence. He completed a PhD at Utah State University and currently works as a researcher at Twitter.

In addition, Florez is a member of the Committee of Experts of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence of the Peruvian Government.

Omar grew up with the family motto "May your success depend on your effort." His parents, Alejandro and Rocio, instilled in him and his sister, Jaqueline, the desire to study and improve themselves more and more. And he has succeeded, as he became an outstanding scientist in Silicon Valley.

He has been able to show his talent in the Californian computer technology powerhouse, the dream place for thousands of scientists around the world.

Omar was born in Arequipa. He decided to become a scientist when his father gave him a computer and, instead of using it, he found that programming and formatting it was more interesting.

His love for computers led him to study Systems Engineering at the National University of Saint Agustine —known locally as Universidad Nacional de San Agustin (UNSA)— based in Arequipa.

PhD in Utah

After completing his studies, Omar knew that the PhD was the next step. Therefore, he contacted a professor who, after seeing his research, suggested that he should move to the United States to be his research assistant and start his doctorate at Utah State University.

Intel, Capital One and Twitter

Omar completed his Ph.D. in 2013. After an outstanding performance in the program, he got his first job at the renowned global research organization Intel Labs, where he worked for 5 years as a research scientist in artificial intelligence.

He also worked at Capital One, a banking company where he held the Artificial Intelligence Research Senior Manager position for more than two years.

At present, he is one of the researchers at Twitter, where he has worked for more than a year, showing his love for science and artificial intelligence. 

"I do not see myself far from science, neither now nor in the future. It is a central part of my life," he remarked.


Publicado: 8/7/2021