Peru: 450,000 Pfizer vaccine doses arriving in early May

Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

18:59 | Lima, Apr. 5.

As of the first week of May, 450,000 Pfizer vaccine doses a week will arrive in Peru as part of the 20 million doses purchased by the Government from the U.S. laboratory, Health Minister Oscar Ugarte reported on Monday.

"Peru is going to receive 450,000 vaccines a week starting the first week of May. We are going to double the doses (200,000 doses a week set for April) and we are going to cover the vaccination of all elderly people, who are undoubtedly the priority," he said in statements to RPP radio and TV station.

He went on to say that, thanks to the arrival of more vaccine doses, people under the age of 80 will be vaccinated as of the first week of May, using the same vaccination scheme as with the entire population in general, depending on where they live.

Ugarte reiterated that the Government has already signed agreements for the acquisition of 48 million doses to vaccinate all Peruvians over 18 years of age.

"They are coming gradually. However, not all 48 million doses will arrive within these first months. Most of them will arrive in the second half (of 2021), that is, the soon-to-be- elected government will have enough vaccines," he emphasized.

The minister explained that the vaccination process will begin in all districts of Lima on April 16 and will then continue in other regions once the cold chain required for this type of vaccine has been guaranteed.


Publicado: 5/4/2021