Peru: 124 tons of supplies sent to Loreto and Junin to fight COVID-19

14:42 | Lima, Mar. 1.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that it has delivered over 124 tons of medical supplies to hospitals and health centers in Loreto and Junin regions, as part of its strategy to tackle the second wave of the COVID -19 pandemic in the country.

In total, 2,401,240 personal protective equipment (PPE) units —including face masks, overalls, jackets, pants, and surgical gloves— have been distributed to both regions.

In addition, Minsa —through its National Center for Supply of Strategic Health Resources (Cenares)— has shipped 43,200 medical supplies, including cotton, venoclysis equipment units, and peripheral intravenous catheters.

Moreover, the ministry delivered 286,779 medicines, including azithromycin, ivermectin, enoxaparin, and propofol, as well as 26,136 oxygen units, 10,000 COVID-19 antigen tests, and 22,506 COVID-19 vaccines.

In the case of Loreto, the shipment included 1,263,680 PPE units, 43,000 medical supplies, 239,009 medicines, 26,136 oxygen units, 10,000 antigen tests, and 10,415 COVID-19 vaccines.

As for Junin, 1,137,560 PPE units, 200 medical supplies, 47,770 medicines, and 12,091 vaccines were distributed to the region.

Immunized personnel

In Junin, 10,390 health workers have been vaccinated so far, that is to say, 75.53% of the health staff, while the vaccination continues for the remaining personnel, who are being administered the Sinopharm vaccine.

To that end, 151 teams have been deployed to 53 strategic points to vaccinate those working on the frontline against COVID-19. The vaccination is expected to be completed next week.


Publicado: 1/3/2021