Over 50% of Con Punche Peru Plan measures already approved

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces

Photo: ANDINA/Hector Vinces

12:56 | Lima, Jan. 24.

Economy and Finance Minister Alex Contreras on Tuesday reported that more than 50% of Con Punche Peru Plan measures have already been approved, although he stressed that the support for the family economy is the most advanced and is in progress.

"Knowing the risk situation, we decided to launch the Con Punche Peru Plan, which has three central axes: supporting family economies, reactivating regions, and reactivating the most affected sectors, mainly tourism and agriculture," Contreras specified.

"The good news is that if you review the economic plans which have been announced over the past 20 years, Con Punche Peru is the plan with the fastest execution," he added.

Family economy

The Cabinet member pointed out that, in the case of family economy reactivation, 100% of the corresponding measures have already been approved -worth an impact of S/1.2 billion (about US$310 million) that benefit more than 1.7 million Peruvian citizens.

"These are measures in execution because some (of them) are already receiving their grants. The budget for community kitchens and for the massive use of (natural) gas has already been released. Besides, in December, public officials received the extraordinary bonus," he said.

Regional reactivation

Regarding regional reactivation, the minister indicated that a lot of progress has been made because most measures have already been approved.

"When we talk about the Con Punche Peru Plan, we emphasized that it was a swift recovery plan, but some interpreted it as short-term measures, which is not true, because it has many medium- and long-term components that will have an impact and make the difference," Contreras highlighted.

"For example, extraordinary support for new teams has already been activated; the hiring process for high-performance public servants is already underway, which will make the difference in the way the regions will begin to use their budget, and we are reactivating the team specialized in following up on investments," he added.

Minister Contreras said the cost of these measures is S/3.1 billion (about US$801 million) and will have a significant impact on the reactivation of Peruvian regions.

"Some measures will be contained in a supplementary credit bill that we are going to send to the Congress of the Republic so that it can be addressed with priority. They have not been considered in the urgency decrees, because we do not want to use the Contingency Reserve, but rather finance it with balances from the unexecuted budget," he indicated.

Sectoral reactivation

The minister affirmed that, concerning the sectoral reactivation bloc, the most important measures have already been approved.

"We have the extension for the credit programs, as well as the release of withdrawal accounts, which are having a significant impact on the recovery of economic activity," he concluded.


Publicado: 24/1/2023